Sunday, September 12, 2010


Finally, a chance to access this blog again. I've stayed with friends who had computer service, but no WiFi.. so I couldn't load photos.
Problem is that now I have too MANY photos backed-up.... so here's a little update and then some shots.

I left Jena and Vic's lovely home in San Rafael about two PM today, and now, around 9:30, I'm in north Lake Tahoe in a little town called King's Beach.
Time for a re-cap on my Bay Area experiences ...

I spent about a week there, based again, ou of San Rafael, a suburb of San Francisco 15 miles north of the city across the Golden Gate Bridge...a town made famous due in part to Jerry Garcia and other Dead members living there.
First, the Coast. Here are some shots coming down from Eureka, up north in California, including redwood forests:

Okay, here're some pictures of San Francisco proper, including Haight Ashbury, where I spent a few days lolli-gagging around.. not quite the same as 1967 of course, but still a loit of young grimy panhandlers... head shops... cafes and bars. A fun place to people-watch... Also, a "Power to the Peaceful" event happening in Golden Gate Park just yesterday (Saturday). California girls really ARE the Most.. many unbelieveable beauties..

I took a few rides up the West Marin coastline, past Muir and Stinson Beaches, and up to Point Reyes National Seashore. The ride up Cal Rte 1 was twisty-insane... one of the pay-off reasons why I'm riding a sportbike across country. California, outside the rather widely-separated cities, is raw wilderness. This is what gives it such character... and the SCALE of the landscapes is truly stunning.
Up at Point Reyes I stood on a thousand-foot precipice and wacthed whales spouting far below. Nearby North Beach (not the city place) was crisp and wild...the Pacific there is heavy cold and beautiful and grand.

what else.... I did a lot of stuff in a week.. toured all over the Bay area on the bike... got to know my around SF quite well... pretty easy city to navigate. Little town called Bolinas in a corner of the Point Reyes peninnsula... tiny place set back in time... sat in the local bar with scruffy fiushermen locals and we tore it up pretty good. Went to a great arts fastival in Sausalito; had Paul Kantner, Slick Aguilar and David Frieberg from Quicksilver, doing Airplane and Starship tunes, with a great female vocalist. Small venue, beautiful against the backdrop of the SF Bay. Maybe will get photos later... (how 'bout it, Jena?)

Got Religion last Sunday morning and decided to attend morning service at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church over in posh Belvidere; this is the same church where Jerry Garcia got married and had his funeral. The minister looked unsettlingly like Phil Lesh (talked like him, too).

ahhh. lastly but not leastly, a fun shot of my ver magnanimous hosts in the Bay, Jena and Victor, working towards their Carnegie Hall show coming up. THANKS ya.


Okay. Bonus Footage....
I left my Heart in San Francisco and ripped East (a new direction) towards Lake Tahoe. A hot ride, once I was off of the Coastal Range. One the way I rode across the infamous Donner Pass, where a wagon train of early settlers heading for California got stuck just short of a pass in the Sierras, due to a huge snowfall, and ended up eating each other. Here's some shots of the Pass and Donner Lake.
After that it a shot of Lake Tahoe as I was coming in tonight.

Noiw Caught Up. Basically.
No complaints, please.
Tomorrow heading for Yosemite.

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